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BlueShore Financial Mastercard Changes

Here’s all you need to know about our new Mastercard partnership with Collabria, our new suite of Mastercards, and how you can obtain your new card.

Changes are coming to your BlueShore Mastercard - and it's good news!

Our current credit card supplier, CUETS Financial, is no longer providing credit card services to Canadian credit unions. In light of this, we have entered into a new partnership with Collabria Financial, the credit card organization selected by the national credit union system.

Exciting new cards and benefits

Collabria offers a full suite of best-in-class card options, from a premium World card (earning 2 points for each $1 spent) to a no-fee Cash Back card. For many cards, the fees are comparably lower.

There is also a U.S. Dollar credit card – something many clients have been requesting. And for business owners, there will be expanded product options, including premium rewards, low rate and no fee cards.

Cardholder benefits match or exceed those of the current cards. For example, travel insurance benefits on premium cards are significantly improved, with $5 million in coverage (vs. the current $2 million) and extended coverage periods.

Getting your new Mastercard

There is a transition period during which we will be sending letters and emails to all our valued cardholders. These will explain the next steps that are specific to the CUETS Mastercard you currently have. We will also be following up with cardholders to update personal information, discuss the best card option, and complete the application process for a new card.

Helpful tools and resources

Many cards have a clear transition option, for example, “World Elite” to “World”. However, others may not be quite as clear. To explore and clarify your options, take a look at our card selector. You identify what matters to you in a card – fee, rate, points, insurance – and you are given a “best match” recommendation along with other applicable options.

You likely have many questions about the transition, such as what will happen to your current card and points (not to worry, your current card will remain active until you choose to cancel it), and how to use your new card. We have prepared an extensive Frequently Asked Questions section that will help.

Other questions or concerns

If you don’t find what you need in our FAQs, or you have other concerns, please contact us at 604.982.8000 or 1.888.713.6728.

We thank all our cardholders for their patience and understanding – and continued business – while we move to the new suite of Mastercard products.