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July 1st Service Fee Changes

As part of our ongoing review of our accounts and fees to ensure they are competitive and aligned to meet client needs, we are making changes to several account packages effective July 1, 2018. Here is a summary of the changes for the accounts affected.

U.S. Personal Chequing Account

  • The $4.00 monthly package fee is being eliminated; this will now become a “pay as you go” account, so you will only be charged for the transactions you make each month
  • U.S. bank drafts drawn on this account will now be a charged the standard $10.00 per draft

Premium Chequing Account: New Credit Card Options

  • As part of our transition to a new credit card supplier, Collabria, the Premium Chequing Account package will now cover the annual primary cardholder fee for either the World or Travel Reward Gold Mastercard
  • Annual fees for existing CUETS Mastercards will no longer be covered as of July 1, 2018
  • Contact us at 604.982.8000 so we can discuss your card options and help you apply for your new Collabria credit card today

All Business Accounts

  • All In-branch and Solution Centre withdrawals, bill payments, and transfers will be reduced to $1.00 (with the exception of Business Investment Savings fees which will remain at $5.00) and included in the transaction cap count, if applicable.
  • All in-branch and Solution Centre balance inquiries will be $1.00.

NEW – Business Chequing 120 Account

  • For high-volume transaction users, we have introduced a new Business Chequing Account package
  • Monthly package fee of $70.00 includes 120 transactions per month for greater savings and economy
  • Additional transactions are charged as per the Service Fee Bulletin
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