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Leasing Services

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Don't own the problem. Lease the solution.

  • Keep your business capital fluid and available.
  • Budget and manage your cash flow efficiently with pre-determined lease costs.
  • Build in a planned equipment upgrade path.
  • Flexible options; up to 100% financing
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Lease or purchase?

Owning equipment doesn't make money – using it does. Leasing can provide your business with a variety of benefits, including the flexibility to allocate financial resources where they're needed most. Through our special leasing division we offer flexible leasing options with up to 100% financing to free up your capital.

Leasing equipment rather than making an outright purchase can be an appropriate strategy to meet your current business demands or to accommodate growth.

  • You keep your business capital fluid and available, since leasing typically entails little or no up-front costs, and there is seldom a down payment required.
  • Your monthly expenses are predictable. Leasing carries a pre-determined monthly cost which you reflect as a regular operating expense line item, allowing you to budget and manage your funds effectively.
  • You can get a jump on technology advancements, without throwing your cash management off balance.
  • Stay competitive without tying up your business capital. That new customized accounting system might be out of your price range to purchase, but through leasing may be an affordable option.
  • You build in a planned upgrade path. For example, if you've leased a fork lift for four years, you have the option to move up to a new model upon your lease expiry, with no further obligation on the original equipment.

Learn more about your business equipment leasing options and how they can support your business growth strategy.

Why lease with us?

Businesses that take advantage of equipment leasing have learned that owning equipment doesn't make their business money. Using it does. BlueShore Leasing and BlueShore Transport Finance are both subsidiaries of BlueShore Financial, providing leasing services to businesses in BC and Alberta.

BlueShore Leasing and BlueShore Transport Finance offer a wide range equipment leasing options combined with the highest level of service. Take a look at what puts us at the top of the list:

Personalized service.
BlueShore Leasing and BlueShore Transport Finance have an experienced management team which embraces the BlueShore Financial philosophy of individualized service. We work with each leasing applicant independently through the approval, funding and follow-up process.

Direct funding.
BlueShore Leasing and BlueShore Transport Finance fund and manage all of their leases directly, bringing a stronger local focus and direct interaction with the markets in our region. Our distinctive position ensures a leasing experience that is specific to your needs.

Ultimate convenience.
Not only do we believe in treating you like an individual and not a contract, but we also make it as convenient as possible. For local clients, we can come to your office to process a new lease, eliminating unwanted travel time so you can continue to focus on your business. If you are located out of the Greater Vancouver area, you can use our secure email or courier service. Once your lease is approved, we deal directly with the equipment vendors, providing hands-on support from the approval stage right through to equipment delivery.

With our extensive lending experience, our team brings creativity and flexibility to the credit approval process for our clients. We can tailor specialized equipment and transport leasing programs to meet the needs of small businesses to large corporations, all backed by the expert advice of seasoned leasing professionals.

Our primary objective is to deliver first-rate service to all our clients. The unique composition of our team enables us to provide next-day response times to leasing inquiries, flexible leasing programs and direct contact during the application process as required.

Contact your BlueShore Leasing Advisor today to learn how BlueShore Leasing can help your company succeed.
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