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Online Banking


We all have things we want or need, but not always enough cash on hand to pay for them. Whether you’re looking to finance a kitchen, a new car or fund your retirement, we can help you find a way with a personal loan. We can also refinance similar personal loans from other institutions to simplify your debt management.

From a new vehicle to a comfortable retirement, the flexible loans from BlueShore Financial help you finance almost anything.  We can help you find a way with a personal loan.

How much will you pay?

Determine what you can afford or what your payments will be with our helpful calculator.

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Smart use of credit is all part of a sound financial strategy and an overall plan. From the things you need today to the life you want to lead tomorrow, we're here to help. Talk to us about how smart borrowing be can be part of your overall financial plan.

Personal Loans

Need some extra cash for that new car, vacation or renovations? A Personal Loan gives you a structured predictable repayment plan. Learn more.

RRSP Loans

Take advantage of available RRSP contribution room with an RRSP Loan. Learn more.

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