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Online Banking


Help yourself in any number of ways.

Want to find out how fast you can pay down your mortgage? Convert your holiday cash to euros? Determine how much you'll need to retire? What your investments could earn this year and in the future? The bigger picture is a just a calculation away.

Foreign Exchange

Going abroad? Find out how much your Canadian dollars are worth.


Buying a car of financing some renovations? Use the loan calculator to see what your scheduled loan payment would be or to see how much you could borrow based on a specific payment amount.


Whether you're wondering how much house you can afford or how to pay down your mortgage faster, you can run the numbers.

Education Savings

How much will be enough for your child's post-secondary education?


See if your retirement savings plan is on track or what your retirement income choices mean for your RRIF portfolio.

Investing Calculators

Whether you're figuring out how quickly your vacation fund or down payment will build, or seeing what tax savings a TFSA might bring, it all takes calculated investments.

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