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Online Banking

Credit Card Selector

Simply answer the 4 questions below and we can help you choose!

Annual fee?

An annual fee is charged by the credit card company for some credit cards, but not all. Reward credit cards, premium credit cards and secured credit cards typically have an annual fee. The fee increases the cost of having a credit card, so make sure the benefit you're getting from your credit card makes the fee worthwhile.


Rewards and points?

Rewards credit cards offer rewards such as cash back and redeemable points each time you use it. Reward points can be used for travel, merchandise, cash back and gift cards. You can even donate the points to charity.


Low rates?

Do you often carry a balance from one month to the next? A credit card with a low interest rate is ideal.


Insurance and travel benefits?

Includes insurance for trip cancellations, travel accidents, extended health insurance, car rental insurance and more.

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