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Online Banking

Term Deposit Selector

Let us help you find the term deposit that is right for you!

Are you interested in registered or non-registered term deposits??

Most term deposits can be either "registered" (part of your RRSP or RRIF) or "non-registered" (part of regular savings). Of course, if you want to have a registered term deposit you will need to also have an existing RRSP.


Which type of registered deposit are you interested in??

Choose a registered term deposit product that helps you prepare for your retirement or your children's education.


Are you interested in long-term or short-term deposits??

The decision to have a short-term or long-term deposit can depend on when you think you'll need the funds and whether you think interest rates will rise or fall. A short-term term deposit means you can access your money quickly but it usually pays less interest than a long-term term deposit. Sometimes it's best to have a number of term deposits, all of different lengths.


Are you interested in a non-redeemable or redeemable term deposit??

A redeemable term deposit can be "cashed in" at any time during its term, often without penalty. A non-redeemable term deposit cannot be "cashed in" during its term, although many non-redeemable term deposits can be reinvested on the anniversary date. Non-redeemable term deposits usually pay a higher interest rate than redeemable term deposits.

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