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Online Banking

Manage Credit Card Accounts FAQs

See a fully integrated view of your Choice Rewards Mastercard® balance and transaction details along with your other banking through Online Banking.

How do I link my BlueShore Mastercard® through Online Banking?

When you log into Online Banking, you can link your credit card in one of two ways:

  • In the Account Summary screen scroll down to the Choice Rewards Mastercards box and click on Link Accounts
  • Or, select Account Services from the left navigation, then Manage Partner Accounts; click on Choice Rewards Mastercard under the heading Link a Credit Card

Just follow the instructions on the screen to link your credit card(s). You will need to accept the Terms and Conditions of the agreement by clicking the I Agree button.

You will then be taken to the website, where you need to log in (this authenticates you as the primary cardholder). You’ll receive a message that you’ve successfully linked your credit card.

You may need to log out of BlueShore Online Banking then log back in to see your credit card balance and transaction history – but it’s as simple as that.

Can I sort my credit card transactions?

Yes, you have a range of sorting options. You can choose to view transactions by a specific month (past 12 months) or define a date range.

By clicking on any of the transaction column headers, you can sort the data in the way the works best for you – by Effective Date (when you incurred the charge), Posted Date (when the merchant processed the charge), Description, Debit amount or Credit amount.

How far back can I see my credit card transactional history?

The transaction history you see within BlueShore Online Banking replicates that on the site. Currently this provides a rolling 5-year period of transaction history that you can access by selecting appropriate date ranges.

I have several Choice Rewards® Mastercard® accounts. Can I link multiple credit cards to my Online Banking?

Yes, as long as they are all the same “type” – either personal or business credit cards. Once you have linked the first credit card, simply go back to Account Services > Manage Partner Accounts and follow the steps. Once linked, all your credit card accounts will display within your Online Banking Account Summary.

Can I link my Business Mastercard® to Business Online Banking?

Yes! Something to keep in mind, however, is that all linked credit card accounts must be of the same type – i.e., either all personal or all business Mastercard accounts.

If you have both types of credit cards, the best practice is to link your personal Mastercard to your personal BlueShore Financial Access Card (PAN) and your business Mastercard to your business Access Card.

I have supplementary (secondary) cardholders attached to my Mastercard®. What transaction data can they see (if any)?

Only you as the primary credit card account holder can link the credit card; and only you will see all transaction data pertaining to the primary and any supplemental cards. Supplementary cardholders cannot see any balance or transaction data – either on the website or within BlueShore Online Banking.

If supplementary cardholders attempt to create a CUETS sign-in for a supplementary card, they receive an error message, “The account is not authorized for access.”

Can I see my credit card information through the Mobile App or Mobile Web (browser-based)?

No, you can only see your linked credit card account information through Online Banking on your desktop or tablet.

Can I download my credit card transaction data from Online Banking into my accounting software or into Excel format in the same way I can for my banking transactions?

No, your credit card information is “view only” within Online Banking. You’ll need to visit the website and log in there to access your transactional data in other formats.

I have several different BlueShore Access Cards (PANs); can I link my Mastercard® to all of them?

No, a CUETS Mastercard can only be linked to only one PAN for Online Banking access. If you previously linked your Mastercard to a PAN (Access Card) and wish to change it, it will be “unlinked” from the original PAN.

If I make a payment to my Mastercard® account, will I see this immediately within Online Banking?

No. The credit card information displayed within Online Banking mirrors the site information. Your credit card account payment will not be displayed until it is processed by the CUETS system. As soon as it is, you’ll see the payment as a Credit in your Online Banking display.