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Adapting to the unexpected

While the pandemic has changed the way clients and advisors interact, the need for connection and a personal touch remains strong. In our 2020 Client Experience Survey, 62% of those surveyed said they prefer face-to-face interaction in the branch as the primary way of working with their advisor. Despite this, we appreciate that many of you adjusted to conducting more of your banking remotely, either online or through our Solution Centre during the pandemic.

Due to our highly skilled team and solid technical system capabilities, we were able to quickly respond to the changing working environment, and transitioned a large number of clients to using eSignatures. Using this tool enables clients to remotely sign  important financial documents both securely and electronically, meaning business transactions can continue as usual during the pandemic. Last year we also successfully completed our multi-year banking system upgrade to ensure that our system leverages and accommodates the latest technologies to better serve our clients, both now and in the future.

In light of ongoing physical distancing protocols, we hosted our Annual General Meeting and financial advice seminars virtually for the first time. This transition to an online forum removed space and geographic constraints, allowing us to welcome more clients to our events than ever before.

We’re here for you

In 2020, the Angus Reid Institute conducted a weekly tracking study to analyze Canadian perceptions of the pandemic, including whether or not consumers felt their bank ‘had their back’ in these times. BlueShore posed a similar question to our online research panel in May 2020. Where about 50% of Canadian consumers agreed that their primary financial institution had their back, a whopping 92% of BlueShore panelists agreed with the same statement.

In addition to making it easy for clients to manage their money and providing responses to questions and concerns, for those hard-hit financially we coordinated personal and commercial mortgage deferrals and enabled access to Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA) loans, and other government assistance programs, to help get families and businesses back on track. The pandemic has affected many people with unplanned financial challenges due to illness, childcare disruptions, job loss or business closures. If you find yourself, your family or your business in this situation, please reach out - we are here to help. We are proud to be your financial partner during this challenging period and for the road ahead.

The BlueShore difference

Each year we conduct an independent survey of our clients and non-clients who bank at other financial institutions within our trade area to evaluate how we’re doing in helping meet our clients’ financial needs. Clients who work with our Financial Advisors consistently tell us that we have a positive impact on their overall financial well-being, and we significantly outperform our competitors in the ways that matter most (see survey results below).

In the most recent survey conducted by Ipsos, 88% of our clients surveyed who work with one of our Financial Advisors said they would recommend BlueShore to others - a compelling indication of our unique client experience. Learn more about what clients are saying about working with us.


BlueShore client stats - 81% feel my FI improves my financial well-being

*Ipsos, 2020. Results from clients working with a financial advisor at their primary financial institution. %s are from top 3 box ratings (8, 9 & 10) on a scale of 1 to 10.