Your Banking & Investments

Is my money safe?

All funds on deposit at BlueShore Financial are 100% protected and guaranteed by the Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation of BC. Our organization is strong and stable, and our experienced management team is well-equipped to adapt to these evolving conditions.

Credit Cards

What is my “tap” transaction limit on my Collabria credit card?

Contactless transaction limits (“tap”) have been temporarily increased across all merchant categories to $250 to limit the need to handle in-store terminals.

Online & Mobile Banking

How do I set up direct deposit of Government benefit payments from the CRA?

Log in to BlueShore’s Online Banking through a desktop computer and follow the instructions under Account Services in the left navigation menu.

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How do I deposit cheques without having to use an ATM or visit a branch?

Using BlueShore’s Mobile Banking App, you take a photo of both sides of the cheque using your smartphone camera, then select the account you wish to deposit the funds to.

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How can Online Banking alerts help with cash flow management right now?

Through Online Banking (desktop) you can set up financial alerts to notify you via SMS text or email. Two very useful alerts for staying on top of the timing of funds moving in and out of your account include: Low Balance (falls below a threshold you’ve determined) and Deposit (when funds over a specified amount are posted to your account – for example, Government benefit payments).

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