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Our new website has been built to continually evolve and grow as technology and your needs change. Watch for the new chatbot feature, the Digital Concierge, on our website in early November. Powered by AI technology, our Digital Concierge chatbot can help website visitors on a round-the-clock basis with finding answers to common questions about our products and services as well as locating the solutions and resources they seek. Test it out yourself by clicking the circular blue chat icon on the bottom right-hand side of our homepage.

While our Digital Concierge has been set up to respond to a wide range of questions, any time it cannot provide you with an answer, you will be offered the option to be transferred to a Solution Centre Associate either through LiveChat or by phone. If such a query falls outside of regular hours, the Solution Centre will be alerted and respond to you in an expeditious manner. Our ready and responsive Solution Centre Associates can always be relied on to provide trusted solutions to more complex matters.

If you haven’t checked out the rest of the site yet, be sure to visit some of our new and improved features. This includes our Advice Hub, offering a library of articles on a wealth of financial advice and useful tips. You can also search for a wide range of information on products and services for your personal or business banking needs as well as wealth management strategies.

We hope you enjoy the new Digital Concierge, the redesigned website, and your overall online experience with us. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact our Solution Centre.

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Kelly Gares

Investment Advisor

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