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The ability to quickly and securely send payments through Interac e-Transfers® is widely used by individuals and businesses across Canada. Transaction volumes continue to grow as consumers’ uptake of this form of payment increases.

BlueShore recently introduced two new features to make Interac e-transfers even more convenient for our personal and business clients.

Higher Interac Receive and Send Limits

For some time, consumers and businesses have been requesting higher e-Transfer transaction limits. Interac has responded by requiring all Canadian financial institutions to have the capabilities to receive e-Transfers up to $25,000 per transaction. This limit increase is now in effect at BlueShore Financial. In addition, there are no daily, weekly or monthly limits when receiving funds through Interac e-Transfer.

To coincide with the increase in receive limits, BlueShore Financial’s per transaction send limit has also increased to $10,000.


Through Online Banking, you can now register your email address and choose to have any funds sent to you by e-Transfer automatically deposited into your BlueShore account. This secure, time-saving option means you will receive your money faster and avoid having to enter a security question or login information.  

Request Money

Using this feature allows you to email individuals or businesses to request money or payment. Please note that as the person requesting the money, you pay the transaction fee in this scenario.

If these new changes have sparked any questions, please contact our Solution Centre for assistance at 604.982.8000.

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