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In the past, you might have stored important documents in a folder or on a CD. But in today’s digital world, there’s a greater need to access, share, and keep these types of documents and files in a secure digital space. This is why a digital vault is a convenient and practical solution, offering the vital online safety and security needed to protect your best interests. 

Introducing Digital Vault by FutureVault

BlueShore Financial has collaborated with FutureVault to offer our clients a safe and secure space to share, manage and store important digital copies of financial documents, files and more as needed.

Digital Vault by FutureVault offers a self-serve, online experience that provides BlueShore clients with two plans to meet your enhanced online file storage and security needs:

Essential Vault 1GB of space to store and share essential banking and financial files with BlueShore and your advisory team through six standard folders. 
Premium Vault 25GB of space for storing banking and financial files, plus a private, premium digital space accessible only to you to store important personal files.

Essential Vault or Premium Vault subscribers can store, share, and access digital files and information through their computer or via a mobile app. Account options will vary depending on individual subscription and fee-structures.

Find out more about Digital Vault from FutureVault and the right plan for your digital storage needs.

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