"Every business is different so I believe in providing a customized relationship-management approach that works for the client and their business. The key to building long-term relationships is two-fold: establishing open lines of communication and trust, so that clients understand I’m listening to their needs with the goal of finding the best possible solutions."


Born and raised in North Vancouver, Robert knows this market well and understands the level of personal service that clients are looking for. Rob has spent his entire career in a commercial capacity, helping clients with businesses ranging from transportation firms and seniors’ housing to wholesalers, restaurants and technology-based companies. The common denominators in serving these different industries are setting up a strong relationship with clients from the beginning, being proactive and working towards creative solutions for a successful partnership.

As a Business Advisor, Rob works with clients of all shapes and sizes, from helping start-ups get off the ground to assisting established multi-million dollar ventures with their cash management needs. He is well-versed with professional acquisitions, cash flow lending, franchise lending and equipment financing.

Rob believes in practicing a hands-on approach with his clients, by getting to know their operations from the inside out. He believes in truly understanding their needs and strives to make recommendations that will ultimately make the clients’ lives easier.

The combination of depth of experience and attention to detail enables Rob to add immense value to working relationships with clients in helping them to reach both their business and personal financial goals.

As a business advisor, Robert is able to draw upon a strong team of specialists to take care of such matters as succession planning, key person insurance**, leasing, acquisitions, property development and more.

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Robert Lewis

Business Advisor

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