“I focus on thinking outside the box and try to unveil opportunities that add value to the client relationship. I strive to provide leadership throughout any project by turning strategy into a reality, thereby enhancing the client experience and achieving the desired outcomes and success.”


Imtiaz brings over a decade of valuable experience in business and commercial banking to his role with BlueShore Financial after working with two major chartered banks. This experience allowed him to gain strong skills in financial analysis, adjudication, risk analysis, and business management. Imtiaz also augmented his working experience with a strong education, by completing his MBA in Finance.

Imtiaz puts his expertise to good use assisting business owners to achieve their short- and long-term gals, by providing strong expertise in relationship management, credit underwriting, and strategic business development. All while building and maintaining quality business relationships. Contact Imtiaz today and get him working for you.

BlueShore Financial, Commercial Mortgage Advisor, Imtiaz Chaudhry

Imtiaz Chaudhry

Commercial Mortgage Advisor

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