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U.S. Term Deposits

U.S. Dollar Term Deposit

Guaranteed growth without currency risk.

  • Terms from 30 days to 5 years
  • $500 minimum
  • Interest paid at maturity
  • Deposits are 100% guaranteed*
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U.S. Term Deposits allow you to earn interest on your U.S. funds while giving you quick access to your money when you need it. Manage your own currency risk; invest when the Canadian dollar is strong, and lock in your funds for as little as 30 days up to one year.

U.S. Term Deposits at a glance:

BlueShore Financial Short-Term Term Deposits
 Non-Redeemable Term Deposit
Minimum Investment $500
Term/Duration 30 days - 5 years
Eligibility No eligibility
Interest Interest paid at maturity
Renewal At maturity you have the option to renew your U.S. Term Deposit, invest in a different term deposit, or withdraw the funds.

Rates: USD Non-Redeemable Term Deposits †

USD Non-Redeemable Term Deposits (Rates effective 2021-03-11) Rates
Non-Redeemable: 30-59 days, interest at maturity 0.05%
Non-Redeemable: 60-89 days, interest at maturity 0.05%
Non-Redeemable: 90-179 days, interest at maturity 0.05%
Non-Redeemable: 180-269 days, interest at maturity 0.07%
Non-Redeemable: 270-364 days, interest at maturity 0.08%
Non-Redeemable: 1 year, interest at maturity 0.10%
Non-Redeemable: 1.5 year, interest at maturity 0.12%
Non-Redeemable: 2 year, interest at maturity 0.15%
Non-Redeemable: 3 year, interest at maturity 0.35%
Non-Redeemable: 4 year, interest at maturity 0.60%
Non-Redeemable: 5 year, interest at maturity 0.85%

* Deposits are 100% guaranteed. Protection provided by the Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation of British Columbia.

† Rates are subject to change without notice at any time. For more information visit your nearest branch or call us at 604.982.8000 or toll-free 1.888.713.6728.

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