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Online Banking

Credit Card Selector

Simply answer the five questions below and we can help you choose!

Card type?

Are you a student, business owner or someone who frequently travels to the United States? Choose the card that is right for you. The Student card allows students to establish a credit history with no minimum income or cosigner required to apply. Business cards give business owners benefits such as low fees, competitive rates and rewards. The US Dollar card allows you to make purchases in the United States and countries that use the US dollar as their official currency with no foreign transaction fee or conversion rate (when you pay your bill in US dollars).


Annual fee?

An annual fee is charged by the credit card company for some credit cards, but not all. Reward credit cards, premium credit cards and low rate credit cards typically have an annual fee. Decide what benefits you want from your card and ensure that your benefits exceed your annual fee.


Rewards and points?

With a rewards credit card, you can enjoy convenient online reward redemption for events, travel, account credit, merchandise, and gift cards.


Low rates?

Do you often carry a balance from one month to the next? A credit card with a low interest rate is ideal.


Insurance and travel benefits?

Includes insurance for trip cancellations, travel accidents, extended health insurance, car rental insurance and more.

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