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Online Banking

Security and Financial Alert FAQs

What are alerts?

Alerts are a feature of Online Banking and are a convenient way for you to be alerted to suspicious or fraudulent activity involving your account. They can also be used to help you in your day-to-day money management.

What kinds of alerts are there?

Security Alerts

  • New Payee Added notifies you when a new bill payment vendor account is added to your Online Banking account.
  • Online Personal Access Code (PAC) Change notifies or confirms when your PAC is changed.

Banking and Activity Alerts

  • My Balance – Alerts you of your balance daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Low Balance – Alerts you when your balance is below an amount you specify.
  • Deposit – Alerts you when a deposit over an amount you specify has been made to your account.
  • Withdrawal – Alerts you when a withdrawal over an amount you specify has been made to your account.
  • Interac e-Transfer Recipient Added – Notifies you when an Interac e-Transfer® recipient has been added so you can verify this action.

Payment Alerts

  • Scheduled Payment or Transfer May Fail – Alerts you when a schedule payment or transfer may fail as a result of insufficient funds.

Additional Business Alerts

  • Transaction Pending Approval - Sent when a Business Online Banking transaction is pending approval.
  • Transaction About to Expire - Sent when a transaction approaches its expiry date.
How do I receive an alert?

You can choose to get alerts through email or text message notification, or both. Please note, phone providers may charge for received text messages and/or data usage.

How do I set up an alert?

Setting up alerts is quite simple. After logging in to Online Banking, select Messages and Alerts from the left-hand menu and then click on Manage Alerts. Follow the instructions on the page; however, if you require additional assistance, you can review the tutorial, or please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Can I set up alerts on my mobile phone?

Setting up alerts can only be done within Online Banking either on a desktop or tablet.

Can alerts be sent to someone who is not on my account?

Yes, the email and mobile phone numbers you set up as contacts can be anyone. However, unless they are joint account holders or have your Power of Attorney (POA) authorization, we will not be able to discuss any matters with them concerning your account or the alert that was activated.

How do I manage my alert contact list?

You can add, delete or temporarily disable a contact through the Manage Alerts Contact(s) link in Online Banking. You can customize your alert notifications, using up to three different email addresses or mobile phone numbers listed as contacts, and even specify which contacts will receive specific alerts.

Who should I contact if I notice suspicious activity on my account?

Contact our Solution Centre at 604.982.8000 (toll-free 1.888.713.6728) or report it using our secure web form.

How do I unsubscribe or cancel an alert?

Select the alert you want to cancel. Click on Delete at the bottom of the box.

Can I be alerted if any of these activities occur through phone banking, at an ATM, or at a branch?

Security alerts are only sent for activities attempted or completed through Online or Mobile Banking. Financial alerts are sent regardless of the channel used.

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