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Online Banking

epost™ FAQs

Who is epost?

epost is part of The Canada Post Group of Companies and is wholly owned by Canada Post. Launched in 1999, epost™ was the world's first Electronic Post Office, and today provides Canadian consumers access to over 200 different electronic documents from over 100 companies through its secure private network.

What is the cost to use epost?

epost is FREE.

Is epost secure?

Yes. It's your epost box, so it's your information. You choose your username and password, which allow you to log into your epost box whenever you want. Using 128-bit encryption technology, epost is dedicated to maintaining your privacy and security.

How does epost work?

epost is as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Register for a free epost account
  2. Add a mailer. Mailers are the companies you can receive bills from electronically
  3. Receive your mail. When new mail arrives you'll be notified and can view and pay within BlueShore Financial online banking.
What bills can I receive with epost?

There are over 200 different bills and documents available via epost and it's growing every day.

Can I pay a bill after I view it?

Yes, most bills can be paid via BlueShore Financial online banking. Just click the "pay" link and you will be taken to the payments screen. The bill amount will be prefilled. If the mailer is not already in your payee list it will be added automatically. When paying an epost Mailpiece you will receive your normal online banking payment confirmation number and the Mailpiece will be saved in your Saved epost Mail folder by default.

How will I be notified when new epost mail arrives?

If you signed up for e-mail notification when you created your epost account, you will receive an e-mail telling you that you have new epost mail. You will also see a notification when you log into BlueShore Financial online banking in the "Personal Messages" box at the top of the Accounts page.

Can I take my epost box with me if I change financial institutions?

Yes. Remove it first from your old financial institution, then log into your new financial institution and link your epost box using your epost username and password.

How do I add an existing epost box to BlueShore Financial online banking?

Signup for epost, instead of creating a new account, enter your existing username and password. This will link your existing epost box to BlueShore Financial online banking.

How do I remove my epost box from BlueShore Financial online banking?

Login to online banking, navigate to the Member Services tab, click on the epost service link and follow the directions to remove your epost box. Note: your epost box will still remain active at You will need to contact epost to remove your account completely.

Sign up now

Log into online banking and create your epost account and add Mailers. You'll start receiving your bills or statements by the next statement cycle and can pay them right away via online banking.

Trademark of Canada Post Corporation, used under licence.

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