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Online Banking

e-Statements FAQs

What are e-Statements?

e-Statements are a secure, convenient and "green" way to receive your account information. They are available in PDF format and can be accessed within BlueShore Financial Online Banking. e-Statements provide all the same information as a paper statement, with the benefit of receiving them sooner, right on your computer.

What are the benefits of e-Statements?

There are many benefits to e-Statements, for you and the environment.

Benefits to you:

  • Quick – faster than receiving a mailed statement
  • Convenient – accessible anytime, from any location, through Online Banking
  • Safe – eliminate the risk of mailed statements being lost or stolen
  • Easy record-keeping – beginning September 2011, BlueShore Financial will begin archiving your e-Statements for seven years
  • Flexible – Can also be stored on your personal computer for off-line access to your account statements
  • Efficient – no paper handling or filing required

Benefits to the environment:

  • Reduces paper consumption
  • Eliminates energy used to shred and recycle statements and inserts
  • Reduces the carbon footprint created through motorized mail delivery
How do I stop receiving my printed statement?

Simply log into your Online Banking account. On the Account Summary page, click on Statement Preferences in the left-hand menu and follow the prompts to opt out of receiving paper statements. If you require help going through the process, simply visit your nearest BlueShore Financial branch or contact our Solution Centre at 604.982.8000 or toll-free 1.888.713.6728.

Once I opt out when will my paper statement stop?

The process typically takes between three and five business days. But depending on time of month, you may receive one more paper statement after submitting your opt-out request.

What if I opt out of paper statements but later decide I want to receive them again?

You can easily opt back into receiving paper statements by accessing the Statement Preferences option menu within Online Banking. Just select the "receive paper statements" option

Where do I go to get Adobe Reader?

You need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to view your e-Statements through Online Banking. If you do not have this program installed, a free version can be found at, then downloaded.

Are e-Statements safe to view online?

BlueShore Financial's Online Banking website is secured to exacting industry standards and your e-Statements are housed within this secure environment. In addition, if you've opted out of receiving paper statements, there is no longer the opportunity for thieves to steal your account information from your mailbox, reducing the risk of identity theft and mail-related fraud.

Should I be concerned about my statement privacy?

Our e-Statement service provides you with options. Suppress your paper statement and remove the risk of mail theft, a common form of identity theft. If you prefer to receive a paper statement, these are automatically printed, stuffed and passed to Canada Post for delivery. Our e-Statement provider takes privacy very seriously and provides services, not just for BlueShore Financial, but for credit unions throughout B.C. and across Canada.

How will I know when my e-Statement is ready?

You will receive a personal message within Online Banking every month, notifying you that your e-Statement is ready for viewing.

I thought I couldn't opt out of paper statements because I have a loan or line of credit?

Previously, BlueShore Financial was required to provide all members that hold a credit facility with a paper statement to meet the provisions of the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act to disclose the cost of consumer credit. Our e-Statement program meets this requirement, based on your acknowledgement that you will view and verify your e-Statement each month through Online Banking. So now you can go forward and opt out of receiving paper statements.

What does it cost me for e-Statements?

e-Statements are offered as a free service for BlueShore Financial members.

Can I access previous account statements?

As of September 2011, BlueShore Financial began archiving your e-Statements every month. Over time you'll have online access to your e-Statements for up to seven years.

Can I still get my Shorelines newsletter and other statement inserts?

Shorelines newsletters and inserts will be available as part of your e-Statement. You will see them as part of your e-Statement PDF document.

I don't currently use Online Banking; can I still opt-out of receiving paper statements?

No, you need to be set up for Online Banking to opt out of receiving paper statements. This will ensure your continued access to your statement information each month, as your e-Statements are posted within Online Banking. If you do not currently have access to Online Banking, you will need to contact our Solution Centre at 604.982.8000 or visit your local branch and they can assist you with the opt-out process.

What if I share my account statement with others - for example, my accountant or individuals who have my Power of Attorney(POA)?

You can easily save and email your e-Statements to others if you wish, print a copy to provide to them, or save the statement outside of Online Banking.

When will I get my online personal banking message advising that my e-Statement is ready?

For Personal account statements, members will receive their message notification three to five business days after the 15th of each month. For business account statements, members will receive their message notification three to five business days after the 1st calendar day of each month.

Where do I find my Relationship number referenced in the opt-out process?

You can find your Relationship number in the top left corner of your paper statement or on the Account Summary page within Online Banking.

Why is the personal information pre-filled under system preferences?

During the opt-out process, members who are logged into joint accounts will see the name of the primary account holder pre-filled in the name field.

What happens if I don't opt out of paper statements, will I still receive a monthly e-Statement?

Yes, all members will receive a monthly e-Statement, even if you do not opt-out of receiving paper statements.

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