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Online Banking

Tutorial - Account Activity

By default when you click on an account name from the Account Summary page, transactions are shown for the current month only.

Account Activity allows you to view specific account activity for one or all of your accounts. You can view up to 403 days of account activity for chequing/savings accounts (to a maximum of 5000 transactions) and up to 3 years of account activity for RRSP and loan accounts (up to a maximum of 250 transactions). If you require information outside of this period, please contact us.

How to use

    • Login to online banking (by default you will be taken to the "Account Summary" page).
    • Click on View account activity in the left-hand menu.
    • From the Account Activity page you can specify a number of preferences for your statement such as:
      • Account
      • Number of transactions to view
      • Date Range
      • Monthly Activity
      • Account Activity Filter (i.e. just specific transactions)
      • Activity Format (i.e. Quicken, CSV, PDF, etc.)

Make your selections and click Submit. Your requested information will be displayed.

From this page you can view your account activity (and sort the information by date, description, debits, credits or balance); view your balance and view cheque images. Additional details are also available depending on the account being viewed.

To perform another account activity request, click on View account activity in the left-hand menu.

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