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What's RSS?

RSS is an acronym for "Really Simple Syndication" or "Rich Site Summary", a syndication format for web content. Websites such as publish RSS "feeds" with the latest updates to their sites so that, instead of visiting a website over and over for the latest information, you can use a reader to keep track of updates for you.

How do I start using RSS feeds?

To view an RSS feed on your computer, you'll need an RSS news reader. RSS readers can be either standalone software applications or web-based readers. Some browsers, including Internet Explorer 7, Firefox, Opera, Safari, have functionality which automatically picks up RSS feeds for you.

An alternative to downloading and installing a dedicated news reader is to use a Web-based news reader. Some of the more popular online RSS readers/aggregators are:

  • Feedly
  • My Yahoo
  • Bloglines
  • Sitrion
RSS feeds currently available on
BlueShore Financial RSS Feeds
 Feed nameFeed URL
  BlueShore Financial rates RSS
  BlueShore Financial what's new RSS
If your feed reader allows for the import of an OPML file, you can download our OPML

Once you have chosen a news reader, simply subscribe to the selected RSS feed by clicking on the RSS button or link. Depending on your software program you may need to copy the URL for the RSS feed from the address bar and paste it into the appropriate field in your RSS reader.

Can I use BlueShore Financial RSS feeds on my website or blog?

Yes, we encourage the use of our RSS feeds as part of a website, however, we do require that the proper format and attribution is used when BlueShore Financial content appears. You may not use any BlueShore Financial logo or alter the feed in any way and BlueShore Financial reserves the right to prevent the distribution of BlueShore Financial content.

The attribution text should read:

© 2015 BlueShore Financial, British Columbia, Canada.

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