Many people are under the impression their health insurance will cover long-term care costs. Yes and no. Provincial medical plans have eligibility requirements for skilled nursing care only, and the funding provided is for a limited time period. Health insurance and medical supplemental coverage generally do not cover nursing home care. Individuals and families pay most long-term care costs.

Extend your quality of care

Long-term care coverage helps with support such as:

  • The cost of assistance with daily activities such as bathing, eating and dressing
  • Skilled nursing care or rehabilitation training, either in a nursing facility or at home
  • Long-term care associated with cognitive impairment such as Alzheimer's or dementia

The right advice makes all the difference.

Protecting yourself and your family and ensuring long-term quality of life is critical. The best approach is to discuss your needs with a BlueShore Wealth insurance advisor (a subsidiary of BlueShore Financial). They'll source the best policy at the most competitive price from leading Canadian insurance companies.

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