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Board Criteria

Choosing the best people.

The Nominations & Election Committee of the Board takes a proactive role in determining the skills, strengths, and qualifications needed to serve on your Board.

The nominations and election process starts by reviewing the general qualifications for a strong board member and determining any gaps within the Board that may exist in specific areas of expertise. Directors of BlueShore Financial will be expected to bring to the Board a broad range of knowledge and depth of experience, support the values of the Credit Union and have fundamental understanding of their role and responsibility to the Credit Union. The general qualifications we look for are:

  • Financial literacy
  • Board experience
  • Risk management experience
  • Strategic planning experience
  • Senior level business experience
  • Human resources management experience
  • Governance competency
  • Strategic and independent thinking
  • Digital literacy
  • Ability to communicate and work effectively in a team
  • Ability to meet the time commitment required of an active and engaged Director (on average 40 hours per quarter)

The Nominations and Election Committee also identifies any specific qualifications desired for the upcoming election year. Should there be any, they can be found in the Nominations and Elections Guidelines. Good board governance requires continuity, and this is also a consideration each year.

Candidates may be interviewed to determine their motivation and competencies, and are rated against the required qualifications. The nominations and election process we have developed continues to identify highly qualified candidates. Each year we provide members with information about the candidates including their own written statements and a summary of their background information.

BlueShore Financial Board of Directors

Interested in learning more about members becoming a BlueShore Financial Board Director? Contact us for more information.

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