Fill the gap

  • Lump-sum payment can be used to help your business continue uninterrupted
  • Lowers risk that could threaten your company’s viability

The cost of your absence

If you, a business owner, suffer an illness, lower revenue, higher operating costs or a loss of supplier confidence during your absence can all have an impact. With the lump-sum payment of critical illness insurance you can choose to fill financial gaps and protect against these risks.

A financial cushion while you recover

Living with a critical illness can mean major changes to your lifestyle and if you aren't prepared, serious challenges for your business. Even a temporary loss of your presence can have an impact.

Having a financial cushion at such an uncertain and stressful time not only allows you to focus on recovery, it also helps your business continue uninterrupted. Critical illness insurance gives you choices you might not otherwise have by providing:

  • Cash up-front paid in a lump sum, tax-free
  • Freedom to use the funds as you wish – for your business or personally
  • The ability to plan for the unexpected
  • Money when you and your business need it most

The right advice makes all the difference

As with any decision regarding your business, speak with your business advisor to make sure your decisions are well-informed and aligned with your overall plan.

BlueShore Financial, Insurance Advisor, Andre Guillemette

Andre Guillemette

Wealth Protection Specialist

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