Plan to benefit your employees


  • Create a benefits package to attract and retain employees
  • Pays for expenses not covered by provincial health plans
  • Competitive and affordable plans with a variety of options

A range of plans to suit your needs

Protecting yourself, your family and your staff is critical. With ongoing cuts to provincial health care coverage, it's more important than ever to ensure you, your family and employees have insurance to pay for the array of escalating costs of prescription drugs, paramedical services, eye care and dental work. As well, many plans pay for costs not covered under the provincial health plan.

Our experienced, knowledgeable insurance specialists, offer a wide range of life and health insurance solutions and provide professional advice to ensure you're appropriately covered. Unlike some institutions, our licensed insurance brokers are completely independent. They offer unbiased, objective advice without any agenda - other than providing you with the best plan for your business.

They'll look at which options offer the best value for your organization. Group coverage contains several components which can differ between insurance companies. Your insurance specialist will help examine and compare options such as vision care and periodontal  limits, differences between fully insured versus health spending accounts and other issues which could affect your employees. Together, you can build a cost-effective plan than works best for you and your employees.

The right advice makes all the difference

Your insurance specialist will shop the market to source the best policy at the most competitive price from leading Canadian insurance companies, and provide expert advice to ensure it meets your needs.

BlueShore Financial, Insurance Advisor, Andre Guillemette

Andre Guillemette

Wealth Protection Specialist

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