U.S. dollars, pounds sterling and euro are available on demand from most BlueShore Financial branches. Over 80 other foreign currencies are typically available, and require minimum 2 business days, all offered at competitive exchange rates.

For added convenience, call in your request ahead of time so you can pick up your cash at your leisure. Business clients can request to have foreign currency delivered directly to home or office.

Foreign Exchange Rates* (Rates effective 2024-02-22) Client Buy Rate Client Sell Rate
United States (Dollar)
United Kingdom (Pound)

Foreign exchange benefits

  • Convenience - Having cash in the local currency is handy for small expenses such as tips or purchases at locations that don't accept credit cards.
  • Safety - Purchasing currency before you travel avoids any potential difficulty of exchanging currency in a foreign country.
  • Value - You'll experience competitive exchange rates and knowledgeable service.
  • Variety - With access to over 80 global currencies, you can get the cash you need for even the most exotic vacation.

Remember your Access Card

Your Access Card (debit card) offers convenient access to over 6,300 ding-free EXCHANGE® ATMs in Canada and the U.S. They're the easiest way to get cash and typically provide the best exchange rates for international currency while traveling. There will be a transaction fee and a currency conversion fee, but it's still less than most foreign exchange counters.

Tip #1: When travelling, avoid ATMs not owned by a recognized bank – your fees are often double. Some companies place their machines next to bank ATMs in hopes travellers will mistakenly use theirs. It's usually best practice to carry a small amount of the local currency to use immediately upon arrival (for taxis, transit, etc.), have your Access Card at the ready when you require more cash, and always carry at least one credit card as a back-up source of payment.

Tip #2: Notify your branch of travel dates if you expect to use your card. This will minimize the risk of your card being flagged for unusual transactions, and you may want to discuss temporarily increasing your limits during your trip. 

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