Money when you need it most

Living with a critical illness can mean major changes to your lifestyle and if you aren't prepared, serious financial challenges. Having a financial cushion at such an uncertain and stressful time not only enables you to enjoy a higher quality of life, but also lets you live more independently. Critical illness insurance gives you choices you might not otherwise have by providing:

  • Tax-free cash up-front paid in a lump sum to use as you want
  • The ability to plan for the unexpected
  • Financial freedom and flexibility

The right advice makes all the difference

Protecting you and your family in the event of misfortune is critical. The best approach is to discuss your needs with a BlueShore Wealth insurance advisor (a subsidiary of BlueShore Financial). They'll source the best policy at the most competitive price from leading Canadian insurance companies.

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Andre Guillemette

Wealth Protection Specialist

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