Aligning your wishes

There are many ways to give, so it’s important to consider the needs of the organization you wish to benefit as well as your own financial and estate plan. Your BlueShore advisor will work with you to develop a plan that aligns with your wishes to give back while you’re living as well after you’re gone.

Strategies for giving

Tax is an essential consideration so you maximize the value of the gift to your intended charity. Canadian tax laws allow you to leverage your resources in a number of ways to get the most out of your charitable donations. Our advisors will recommend strategies that can amplify your giving, while benefiting your tax situation.

Our advisors are often asked about donor-advised funds, which have many advantages, including tax-efficiency. They allow you to start giving now to save a larger amount for eventual donation while creating a significant tax advantage that can be integrated today and projected as part of your holistic financial planning.

If you’ve come into a significant amount of money (perhaps from selling a business or receiving an inheritance), this type of fund is an excellent way to jumpstart your giving while earning a tax credit in the year you need it most.

Another strategy is to set up a charitable remainder trust rather than simply designating the donation in your will. You receive the income earned within the trust, and on your death the charity keeps the remaining capital without having it go through your estate where it’s subject to probate. 

Your BlueShore advisor will work with you to determine which approach to philanthropy best suits your needs and integrate your charitable giving into your overall wealth management and estate plan.

A team approach

At BlueShore, we take a unique advisory team approach to ensure our clients receive the specialized services their complex financial situations may require. In addition to working with a dedicated Financial Advisor and Investment Advisor, we have Business Advisors and Wealth Protection Specialists to consult as needed. Our extended professional partner network also includes highly-regarded lawyers, tax accountants, and other specialists to meet our clients’ needs.

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