How does it work?

  • Buying a $2.75 coffee? Round it up to $3 and save the change for a rainy day
  • Spending $15.50 on takeout? Round it up to $20 and pocket the $4.50 in your savings
  • Any time you spend using your debit card, you can save

It’s that simple. No additional transaction fees apply.

Round to the nearest $1, $5, or $10

When you make purchases with your BlueShore Access debit card, transactions can be rounded to the nearest $1, $5, or $10 when using your card (you get to pick one!). Grow Your Savings is a quick and easy way to build your savings each time you make purchases.

Help your children or loved ones save

You can also set up the "Grow Your Savings" program to deposit the savings into the account of another person, such as a child or another loved one. Help them build and grow their savings each time you spend and make an impact with little effort.

See the transaction on your account statement

On your monthly BlueShore Financial chequing account statement you’ll see a line item showing what you paid for and another showing the amount placed into the account.

Get started

Grow Your Savings is a great way to turn spending into savings. There are two simple ways to sign up for the Grow Your Savings program:

Learn more about our chequing account options.

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* Not available through Online Banking at this time. Only available with a BlueShore Financial chequing account.