Bank drafts (sometimes called cashier's cheques or official cheques) are forms of guaranteed payment drawn on a financial institution's funds instead of a personal cheque. Because they are more secure for the seller, they're preferred for large purchases such as a car or a home, as well as international transactions. Bank drafts are very convenient if you don't have the ready cash or if a credit card can't be used.

All our branches offer same-day bank drafts in Canadian, U.S. and most foreign currencies, for practically any amount.


$10 per bank draft (Canadian, U.S. or foreign currency)

Note: Canadian bank drafts are free if you have one of the following account packages:

  • Premium Chequing
  • Unlimited Chequing
  • Unlimited Chequing Young Adult
  • Unlimited Chequing Golden
  • Golden Savings
  • Pay As You Go Chequing Golden


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