Committed to providing the highest quality service

At BlueShore Financial, we are committed to providing the highest quality service to our clients at all times, with the goal of helping our clients improve their overall financial well-being. We believe that everyone who uses BlueShore’s products and services should be treated fairly.

To support this commitment, we adhere to our BlueShore Market Conduct Code which recognizes best practice principles we pledge to follow for soliciting, promoting, advertising, marketing, selling or distributing our products or services.

Five Key Principles

Our best practices can be summarized by the following principles:

  • Business Practices: We are committed to ethical and fair business practices. It is a core component of our governance and corporate culture.
  • Fair Treatment and Fair Sales: Treating members fairly and demonstrating fair sales practices at all times are integral parts of our business practices.
  • Access to Banking Services: We ensure that all credit union members are granted access to fundamental financial services.
  • Transparency and Disclosure: We provide suitable product and service information that is in plain-language and easy to understand, to ensure members make informed decisions.
  • Complaint Handling: We investigate complaints and work to settle them fairly, and we track complaints to help ensure our practices continue to improve.

Supporting our commitment

To support our commitment, we have established a Market Conduct Code program that is designed to give you confidence that we deliver on these promises. Our program includes: 

  • Oversight by our Board of Directors
  • Policies and procedures to ensure we treat members and consumers fairly
  • A formal complaint handling process, with guidelines on timely handling and fair resolution including an independent Ombudsperson who can help resolve disputes
  • Employee training to ensure our policies and procedures are understood and followed at all times

Market Conduct Code

Read our full Market Conduct Code.

Michael Chen, Financial Advisor, BlueShore Financial

Michael Chen

Financial Advisor

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