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Begin your journey to financial wellness with our Financial Wellness Checkup™

See where you stand when it comes to managing your money, debt, saving, investing and protecting your wealth.

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Recommendations customized for you

The journey to financial wellness begins with an honest picture of where you are today. Use this tool to find out where you stand when it comes to your finances.

Managing your money

From everyday expenses to paying your monthly bills, do you know where your money is going? 

Borrowing & managing debt

Borrowing, credit, and using debt wisely can go a long way in helping you to achieve your goals.

Saving & investing

Whether you want to take a vacation or save for your retirement, how you go about saving the money is important.

Protecting & planning

It is always wise to have a plan in place and protect the wealth you’ve built.

Backed by our team of expert advisors

The Financial Wellness Checkup is more than a questionnaire and a scorecard. It dives deeper by offering expert-backed recommendations with tips, articles, and a suite of tools and calculators to help you assess and advance your financial wellbeing.

Personalized to your life

We built the Financial Wellness Checkup by first gathering insights from people like you – residents of British Columbia who have similar values, experiences, goals, and challenges.

Your individual score is a confidential comparison against the findings of our research, with suggestions and recommendations that are personalized to the answers you provide.

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