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Online Banking

Wishbank Program

Spend. Save. Share.

Wishbank is the central feature of our program to promote children's financial literacy. And it's based around an exciting piggy bank that all children receive when they open up their first account at BlueShore Financial. It is also a natural fit as an instructional tool for elementary school teachers as the concept of money, money management, and financial literacy starts early in our school system.

About Wishbank

Helping children understand basic money management skills is one of the most important tasks parents and educators have. Our Wishbank program makes it easy and fun.

Just for Kids

After you've put together your Wishbank, you can start using it to save money (for something special), spend money (a place to store your money for everyday spending), and share your money (save for your favourite charity).

Kids' Accounts

Different accounts will meet different needs at different ages. Which one is right for your child?

Resources for Parents

Do you find it difficult to talk to your children about finances and money management? You aren't alone. Check our resources for ideas on how to begin the conversation.

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