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Online Banking

Ways to Invest

Full service or DIY, we can suit your investment style.

Everyone has their own way of doing things. Some like to be hands-on while others prefer to have experts roll up their sleeves and do the heavy lifting for them. Whatever your preference, we can accommodate your investments with services tailored to suit your needs.

We provide access to full-service brokerage services* through Credential Securities® Inc. Our Credential Securities investment advisors can plan, build and manage a sophisticated investment portfolio on your behalf.

Independently-minded investors can access our cost-effective, self-service online brokerage services* with Credential Direct®, consistently ranked one of Canada's top online brokers.

Use our investment calculator to explore various investment options or research a variety of topics within our library of financial articles. These handy resources help you to be better informed about things that could affect your portfolio performance.

Whether starting out or already an experienced investor, make sure you're adequately prepared and informed to make good decisions regarding your financial planning. Talk to us about creating a financial plan that includes an investment mix tailored to your lifestyle, long-term objectives, and risk tolerance.