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Full-Service Brokerage Services

Professional advice, market experience and portfolio management.

Full-service brokerage services are available in partnership with Credential Securities at BlueShore Financial branches through highly qualified investment advisors. They can offer access to thousands of stocks*, bonds* and mutual funds*, backed by expert investment advice and extensive portfolio management experience.

Design a powerful investment plan that works for you.

Building a diversified portfolio demands more sophisticated investment vehicles and more specialized advice. That's when you realize the greatest benefit from partnering with an accredited professional to manage your investment portfolio. Working with you to assess your current financial position and long-term goals, an investment advisor can create the optimal strategy for you. You'll receive top-notch financial guidance from professionals who know how the market works and how to make it work for you

Your advisor relationship is key.

The key is to develop a trusted relationship with an investment advisor who understands your unique needs, goals and risk tolerance. With this knowledge, a good advisor can help you choose from the wide array of investment products available, based on your individual risk profile and investment timeline. Your advisor can help structure and manage any number and types of portfolios, from individual stocks or bonds* to exchange-traded funds* and bond ladders.

OnPoint fee-based brokerage services.

Investment advisors can be compensated in several ways, and it's important to understand how your advisor makes his or her money. At BlueShore Financial, our Credential Securities investment advisors can structure their fees to match your portfolio composition.

If you're a "buy and hold" investor, with infrequent changes to the overall mix of your portfolio, the more traditional route of paying commissions or fees on the individual products you purchase may be best.

For larger, more active portfolios which are frequently adjusted and rebalanced, you may be better served through our OnPoint fee-based brokerage program, where you have the benefit of advisor-based, full-service investment management. Under this program, advisors can provide a holistic approach to managing your entire wealth situation:

  • Regular portfolio monitoring and rebalancing
  • The ability to hold almost any investment vehicle without paying additional costs or fees
  • Pay an annual fee based on the overall size of the portfolio, instead of commissions on every transaction

Get a no-obligation analysis of your portfolio. Contact us today and ask to speak with a Credential Securities investment advisor.

*OnPoint Fee-Based Accounts are offered by Credential Securities. Mutual funds and other securities are offered through Credential Securities, a division of Credential Qtrade Securities Inc. Credential Securities is a registered mark owned by Aviso Wealth Inc.

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