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Online Banking

Protecting Yourself

Your best protection is to be informed and aware.

We take the safety and security of your personal information very seriously; however we need you to do your part as well to keep your information and money safe.

Practice safe computing.

The most important thing is to keep your Access Card number, PIN and online Personal Access Code absolutely confidential. Full details are described in your Account Operating Agreement.

We have provided information and guidelines to help you understand how to protect your privacy, your identity and personal information. Check out our helpful tips and recommendations for safeguarding your computer, best practices for email management, protecting your smartphone when performing your online banking activities and travel tips to keep your wallet (and your ID) safe.

If something happens.

If you think there's been inappropriate activity in your account or that your Access Card has been lost or compromised, please notify us immediately. We require your full cooperation in order to work with you to resolve the problem.

For more information on our safeguards and your responsibilities, please review our Privacy Policy and Account Operating Agreement.

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