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Online Banking

Protecting Your Smartphone

We live in a wireless world.

Technology brings many things, including banking, into the palm of your hand. But with this flexibility comes the need to be aware that your private information may be vulnerable.

Bluetooth enables mobile banking, but can also enable data-theft

Bluetooth provides a way to exchange information between wireless devices such as smartphones and digital cameras. But it can also open the door to data theft.

When Bluetooth is enabled, it creates an open network to your mobile device. For sensitive information like mobile banking, we recommend your disable Bluetooth until you complete your transactions.

Steps to protect your smartphone

Mobile Banking on your smartphone is as secure as Online Banking. Your Personal Access Code prevents unauthorized access and our 128-bit SSL encryption protects your data. But just like your home computer, it's important you ensure both your device and its wireless connection are well protected. Each device is different and the technology is constantly changing, but here are a few basic tips:

  • Disable Bluetooth when not using your device and during financial transactions.
  • Password protect your device and ensure you have the autolock set to the shortest time possible.
  • Never store passwords or confidential information on your device. Repeat, never.
  • Encrypt your data. Be careful – read the user manual closely. Setting the encryption function can have unexpected side effects, such as disabling certain functions.
  • Don't rejig or modify your device. This can leave you open to viruses and other malware. Follow the manufacturer's directions.
  • Delete your text messages and e-mails, clear your memory and cache to get rid of any passwords, unencrypted and certificate-related data.
  • Set up security alerts as a convenient way for you to be notified by text or email of suspicious or fraudulent activity involving your account.
  • If your phone is stolen, contact your service provider and deactivate it as soon as possible.

Protecting your identity while you're banking online is important to us. If you have any questions regarding the security measures we've put in place, visit your local branch or contact us today.

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