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Keeping healthy, happy and connected.

Looking after our employees

Keeping healthy, happy and connected.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created distinct and different challenges for our employees. We’ve heard from a number of clients wondering how we’re faring, so here’s a quick update about the steps we’re taking to keep BlueShore team members healthy, happy and feeling connected.

Ensuring essential services are available

Those staff dealing “in person” with clients at our open branches are literally on the frontlines, just like other essential service providers in grocery stores, pharmacies, delivery services, utility maintenance and sanitation, along with many more. Finding ways to keep you, our clients, and our employees safe and healthy in this environment is a top priority.

We started by implementing all the standard protocols – deep cleaning of branches, visual aids to provide cues to physical distancing. We then added plexiglass shields at teller stations for everyone’s protection and introduced a “greeter” at each location to ensure we limited the number of clients in the branch at any given time for added safety.

As guidance from the health authorities has evolved, we are also supportive of staff who choose to wear non-medical face masks; supplies have been ordered to make reusable personal masks available to any employee who wishes one.

Social isolation with digital connectivity

Virtually all head office support staff are working from home as we do our part to try to flatten the curve of virus contagion. Our technology teams led a seamless migration to a remote work environment in a matter of days. Our own use of digital tools has skyrocketed; video conferencing is a key mechanism to support team collaboration and for advisor-client meetings where desired.

We’ve created a number of cross-functional work teams to lead the ongoing evolution and innovation the pandemic demands in all areas of our business – client service, employee well-being, operations, business impact, and communications. This way we can develop more inclusive, holistic responses to the changing health and economic conditions that are monitored daily.

Looking after the whole of the person

We’ve also recognized that our employees – like people all around the world – are dealing with a myriad of personal stresses. The strains on mental and emotional health amplify concerns for physical well-being. We continue to offer various online resources and tools to support staff in these areas.

And we’re encouraging staff to stay connected with each other on a regular basis – by phone, email, video and text. It’s the human social connection that many of us miss most, with each other and with our clients. We all look forward to the time where we can once again get back to moving about and connecting freely in a post-COVID world.

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