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Online Banking

Tutorial - Account Summary

The Account Summary screen provides a summary of your current messages, accounts and balances, scheduled bill payments and scheduled transfers. This screen also indicates the Access Card currently logged into online banking.


Important personal messages sent to you by BlueShore Financial as well as notifications for new epost mail are displayed here.


Your accounts are shown here, grouped by Relationship number. Displayed is your account balance and additional information depending on the type of account. Accounts displayed include:

  • Banking (Chequing and Savings) 
  • Loans (Personal Loans, Mortgages, Lines of Credit); Note: your Line of Credit, while attached to your Chequing Account, is displayed separately
  • Term Deposits (non-registered and registered)
  • Investments (Term Deposits); with Credential Asset Management, Credential Securities or Qtrade Investor, you can to the Account Summary

If you have multiple memberships, you can toggle the account summary view by clicking on the Relationship number link. Clicking "All" will return you to the consolidated view.

By default when you click on an account name from the Account Summary page, transactions are shown for the current month only. If you require Account Activity outside of this period, click on View account activity in the left-hand menu.

Scheduled Bill Payments and Scheduled Transfers

After making a bill payment or transfer, payment or transfer details, amount and date are displayed in the scheduled bill payments or scheduled transfers area of the account summary screen. Items are held in queue and can be cancelled up to 11PM (PST). Members cannot reverse any same day bill payment transaction after the cut-off time.

If a future dated payment or transfer made earlier is not processed due to insufficient funds the scheduled payment will display on the account summary screen for a period of two weeks as a reminder.

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