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Online Banking

Tutorial - Apple Watch

If you're an Apple Watch owner, you can access key features of the iOS BlueShore Mobile App on your watch, giving you greater choice in how to manage your money on the go.

Setting up your Mobile Banking for Apple Watch

  • View account balances at a glance without having to log in.
  • Find the nearest branches and ATMs.
  • Get real-time notifications of any alerts that you've set up through Online Banking.

To set up these features on your Apple Watch:

  • First enable Quick View on the Mobile Banking app in Account Preferences within Settings.
  • Assuming you have already paired your iPhone with your watch, go to your Apple Watch app on your phone, select Notifications, and enable the Notifications indicator (move the slider to green).
  • Further down on the screen, look for BlueShore on the "Mirror iPhone Alerts From:" list and enable (move the slider to green).
  • When you touch the icon on your Apple Watch, your accounts will appear.
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