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Online Banking

Security and Financial Alerts
Security Alerts

Let us help you keep a watchful eye out for any suspicious account activity as well as provide convenient money management tools.

Security and Financial Alerts

Security and Financial Alerts

Security alerts

Use security alerts to catch suspicious or potentially fraudulent account activity within Online Banking.

Once you set them up, we'll notify you via email and/or text message – it's up to you. Activate any or all of the alerts and customize your selection based on your personal needs.

  • New Payee Added – Notifies you when a new bill payment vendor account is added
  • Online Personal Access Code (PAC) Change – Notifies/confirms that your PAC has been changed
Security and Financial Alerts

Balance, activity and payment alerts

These financial alerts help you monitor your accounts and manage your money. Watch for low account balances, large deposits, even scheduled payments.

These alerts add a layer of security so that if any of the monitored activities occur without your knowledge, you can follow up.

  • My Balance – Alerts you of your balance daily, weekly or monthly
  • Low Balance – Alerts you when your balance is below an amount you specify
  • Deposit – Alerts you when a deposit over an amount you specify has been made to your account
  • Withdrawal – Alerts you when a withdrawal over an amount you specify has been made to your account
  • Interac e-Transfer® Recipient Added – Notifies you when an Interac e-Transfer recipient has been added so you can verify this action
  • Scheduled Payment or Transfer May Fail – Alerts you when a scheduled payment or transfer may fail as a result of insufficient funds

Additional alerts for business

  • Transaction Pending Approval - Alerts you when a Business Online Banking transaction is pending approval
  • Transaction About to Expire - Alerts you when a transaction approaches its expiry date.

Setting up alerts

Setting up and managing alerts is quick and easy through Online Banking.

You can also add other recipients for your alerts, such as a joint account holder or someone acting as your Power of Attorney (POA). This is especially helpful if you’re concerned about an elderly parent managing their money or perhaps falling prey to a scam. You can add your mobile phone number or email as one of their contacts.

If you’re a business owner, this recipient could be a partner or accountant – someone you trust to help monitor your business accounts.

Safe and secure

No personal information is transmitted with the alerts such as account numbers or other data that could potentially be used to identify you or your accounts.

If you're not currently registered for Online Banking, please contact us for assistance – it's fast and easy.

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