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Arts in View is just one more way that we are unique. Our Financial Spa® branches showcase art from local artists, and the work can be purchased directly in our branches.

Located in the queuing stations, display shelves present the works for you to see. There is also a larger space at our Lonsdale branch called Arts in View on Lonsdale. (Additional information can be found below.)

The general public is welcome to visit our branches to view current exhibits and purchase art. Artists interested in participating can learn more and apply below.

Featured artists in branch

Artwork by Alisa Brown

Ailsa Brown

Branch: Parkgate

Showcasing 25 years of knowledge and experience in pottery work, Ailsa creates harmonious colours and finely-crafted creations expressive of the relationship between people and nature.


Chris Tunnoch Floral Artwork

Chris Tunnoch

Branch: Park Royal

Chris is primarily a self-taught artist, focusing on the natural world. From a background of illustration, she ventured into painting only a few years ago.


Artwork by Melinda Straight

Melinda Straight

Branch: Squamish & Edgemont

A ceramics and jewelry artist operating from the North Shore, Melinda possess great knowledge and a steadiness of control in molding clay creations and shaping wearable accessories made out of metals.


Local artist Caitlin Prince

Caitlin Prince

Branch: West Broadway

Caitlin Prince is an artist and ceramicist based in Vancouver. She is known for creating elegant vases and functional homeware, including beautiful naturally-hued cups.


Arts in View - Heather Konschuh

Heather Konschuh

Branch: Burnaby and Kerrisdale

An internationally recognized glass artist, Heather Konschuh demonstrates flowing forms and elegant simplicity. She is based in North Vancouver and instructs at Terminal City Glass Co-op.


Local artist Maria Struk

Maria Struk

Branch: Whistler

Maria loves the combination of art, creativity, science, complexity, and strength that glassblowing encompasses. Her handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces are inspired by bright colours, movement, playfulness and nature.


Artist Nancy Cramer

Nancy Cramer

Branch: Lonsdale

Nancy describes herself as a “primitive potter,” drawn to organic, unique, and natural shapes and substances. She creates what speaks to her, telling a story with imprints and texture.


Arts in View - Carol Patola

Coral Patola

Branch: Lynn  Valley

The patterns and textures that arise in nature influence Coral’s work, as she strives to bring the solitude and nostalgia of the outdoors into everyday objects.


Arts in View on Lonsdale

Our Lonsdale branch in North Vancouver features a larger, outdoor-facing space that is able to showcase large-format wall art and sculptures.

Currently on Exhibit

Effat Mirnia artwork

Effat Mirnia

Working principally in mixed media on canvas, Iranian-born artist Effat Mirnia uses abstract expressionism to share her passion for the vital and ever changing nature of our cultural mosaic. Effat fostered an early passion for the arts and pursued a Bachelors degree in Communication and a BA in Design.


Arts in View on Lonsdale is curated by Cathy Church

An invitation to participate

Local artists are invited to participate in the BlueShore’s Arts in View program. Artists should be aware of the following guidelines:

  • Must be a local West Coast artist
  • For in-branch exhibit:
    • works must typically fit in a 10" wide x 11" high space (with some potential exceptions)
    • exhibit space lends itself to three-dimensional art such as sculpture, pottery, and glass works
    • a minimum of 15 items is required
    • items will need to be on display for a minimum of three months; ideally, we request that they remain longer so we can rotate your exhibit between branches (The artist is at liberty to swap out pieces with notice.)
    • in general, it is ideal if art works are available for sale; BlueShore does not take a commission or any proceeds of a sale. All funds go directly to the artist. If a work is sold, the artist should be able to replace it in a timely manner
  • For Arts in View on Lonsdale
    • typically 3-5 pieces are required, but this depends on the nature of the work
    • works will be on display for a minimum of three months

If works are available for sale; BlueShore will provide the information to the prospective buyer; however, due to the nature of the display, the sold work must remain on display until the end of the exhibit.

For more information, please email artsinview@blueshorefinancial.com. To apply, please complete an Exhibit Proposal (PDF) and email it with digital photos of proposed works.

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