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Arts in View is just one more way that we are unique. Our Financial Spa® branches showcase art from local artists, and the work can purchased directly in our branches.

Located in the queuing stations, display shelves present the works for you to see. There is also a larger space at our Lonsdale branch called Arts in View on Lonsdale. (Additional information can be found below.)

The general public is welcome to visit our branches to view current exhibits and purchase art. Artists interested in participating can learn more and apply below.

Current Exhibits

Here are the artists currently on display:

Arts in View artist Jessa Gilbert

Jessa Gilbert

Branch: Whistler

Jessa Gilbert’s paintings and drawings emerge from her experiences in the backcountry, blending the creation process with adventure to capture the spirit of outdoor exploration.


Painting by Claudia Weibe

Claudia Wiebe

Branch: Marine Drive

Based in North Vancouver, Claudia Wiebe is a self-taught artist who creates abstract acrylic paintings, inspired by the ever-changing complexities of love and loss, joy and grief.


Painting by Tim Bennison

Tim Bennison

Branch: Kerrisdale/Lynn Valley

North Vancouver watercolour artist Tim Bennison works from personal experience, seeking to capture a moment in time, highlighting the light and atmosphere of the North Shore.


Walnut wooden fruit bowl

Mark Peters 

Branch: West Broadway

As a woodturning artist, Mark Peters finds great satisfaction in taking something old or something broken down, and reclaiming, refurbishing, and repurposing it into beautiful creations with new life.

Pottery by Matthew Freed

Matthew Freed

Branch: Squamish

Matthew Freed is a Vancouver-based pottery artist. His love for clay began in the early 1990s but was rekindled a few years later when he moved to Vancouver and became reacquainted with pottery.


Painting by Camille Mehta

Camille Mehta

Branch: Burnaby

Camille Mehta is a Vancouver-based painter, poet, and teacher. She works primarily in acrylics, watercolour, ink, and in the digital medium, finding inspiration in the natural world and the human experience.


Pottery bowls by Madelaine Mongey

Madelaine Mongey

Branch: Parkgate

Madelaine Mongey is a Vancouver-based artist who took to pottery after graduating from drawing studies at Emily Carr University. Her work features contemporary profiles finished with simple yet intriguing glazes.


Pottery by Kathleen Tennock

Kathleen Tennock

Branch: Lonsdale

Born in South Africa and now residing in Whistler, Kathleen Tennock’s pottery and art reflects the forms and textures of Africa but with clear and identifiable Canadian influences.


Pottery teapot and vase

Angela Flumerfelt

Branch: Edgemont

Clay found Angela Flumerfelt in a high school art class. Since then, pottery has been a constant in her life. The aesthetics of her work combine urban and rustic influences, bringing joy to everyday living.

Email: angelakf@shaw.ca

Pottery by  Friederike Rahn

Friederike Rahn 

Branch: Pender

Fredi Rahn is a ceramic artist and educator based in Vancouver. Her journey in clay began at a young age, and today she makes her beautiful pots in the quiet of her backyard studio.


Arts in View on Lonsdale

Our Lonsdale branch in North Vancouver features a larger, outdoor-facing space that is able to showcase large-format wall art and sculptures. Arts in View on Lonsdale is curated by Cathy Church: @tartooful.

Currently on Exhibit

Painting by Julie King

Julie King

Julie is a meditative painter working in layers of acrylic and watercolour on canvas. Informed by a love of nature, her daily walks in the forest help to quiet the noise and distractions of modern life. Her abstracted compositions are an attempt to capture the feeling of moving through the landscape, noticing how it changes with each step – the flicker of light on leaves, a tree trunk growing sideways, or tiny traces of mist forming as the temperature cools.


An invitation to participate

Local artists are invited to participate in the BlueShore’s Arts in View program. Artists should be aware of the following guidelines:

  • Must be a local West Coast artist
  • For in-branch exhibit:
    • works must typically fit in a 10" wide x 11" high space (with some potential exceptions)
    • exhibit space lends itself to three-dimensional art such as sculpture, pottery, and glass works
    • a minimum of 15 items is required
    • items will need to be on display for a minimum of three months; ideally, we request that they remain longer so we can rotate your exhibit between branches (The artist is at liberty to swap out pieces with notice.)
    • in general, it is ideal if art works are available for sale; BlueShore does not take a commission or any proceeds of a sale. All funds go directly to the artist. If a work is sold, the artist should be able to replace it in a timely manner
  • For Arts in View on Lonsdale
    • typically 3-5 pieces are required, but this depends on the nature of the work
    • works will be on display for a minimum of three months

If works are available for sale; BlueShore will provide the information to the prospective buyer; however, due to the nature of the display, the sold work must remain on display until the end of the exhibit.

For more information, please email artsinview@blueshorefinancial.com. To apply, please complete an Exhibit Proposal (PDF) and email it with digital photos of proposed works.

BlueShore Financial, Financial Advisor, Gregg Martin

Gregg Martin

Financial Advisor

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