Wishbank at BlueShore: Starting our youngest clients off on the right foot

The program is designed to help you – as a parent or educator – to teach children how to allocate money to achieve their short and long-term goals and share with others, promoting the concept of community giving.


BlueShore client helping daughter with Wishbank


This program is built around a unique three-part savings bank for children that they receive when they open their first account at BlueShore Financial. Each section of the bank has a specific purpose: to spend, save, and share.

The Wishbank experience includes not only the Wishbank itself, but additional fun learning aids and even a cute custom stuffed animal representing one of the Wishbank characters. Older children, for whom the Wishbank might not be suitable, receive a different type of gift when they open an account at BlueShore.

This entire experience is intended to establish a friendly and easy relationship with the team at BlueShore Financial. Too often, children feel uncomfortable in financial institutions and can be intimidated. Our hope is to create a fun and interactive experience to break down those barriers and set the stage for a positive lifelong relationship.

Wishbank at home: supporting their learning 

As a parent, you can support your child’s learning by reinforcing Wishbank’s saving and sharing strategies. Wishbank can be a valuable teaching aid to help your kids:

  • Understand how to use and think about money
  • Achieve their goals by budgeting money for short-term goals (spending) and longer term goals (saving) 
  • Support family and community values of sharing with those not as fortunate, even if it’s just a small amount
  • Provide opportunities for conversations around family money management and issues
  • Establish the foundations for long-term security and independence


Child reading about Wishbank

Wishbank for schools: the ABCs of financial literacy 

The concept of money, money management, and financial literacy starts early in our school system, typically, starting with the Grade 2 math curriculum.

Wishbank is a natural fit as a teaching tool and has been enthusiastically received by elementary school teachers throughout the BlueShore trade area. A number of school districts and private schools participate in BlueShore’s Wishbank school program and receive Grade 2 class sets free of charge.


Young student writing an essay


If you’re a teacher or education administrator and want to learn more about how your school can get involved, please contact us at Wishbank@blueshorefinancial.com. Wishbank and its accompanying Passbook are both bilingual to accommodate French Immersion classrooms.

Get started with Wishbank 

We would be delighted to start your child on their financial journey, beginning with their first account and our Wishbank. Make an appointment today by calling us at 604.982.8000 (toll free at 1.888.713.6728) or visit your local branch.

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