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Connecting with clients 

In 2021, BlueShore continued to move forward with our digital strategy, and advance our high-tech, high-touch approach that blends technology with personalized expert advice. It is always our goal to improve our clients’ financial well-being and advance our premium client experience, both online and in person.

As we continue to elevate our digital presence, in October we launched our newly redesigned website. The new site reflects our West Coast brand and signature Financial Spa® design, while offering intuitive navigation and an engaging user experience.

We also introduced BlueShore’s new Digital Concierge, an artificial intelligence powered chatbot that allows you to interact with BlueShore online 24/7. This new digital tool helps website visitors find answers to everyday banking questions and information on financial products and services in a secure and efficient way. Our Digital Concierge is a convenient alternative to calling or visiting a branch to get help for standard inquiries such as ATM locations, mortgage basics, branch hours, credit cards offered, and more.

We are always looking ahead to new and innovative digital services for clients to make banking with us easier today and in the future. Coming this year is our new digital app for connecting clients with advisors in real-time. The app will enable advisors to communicate with clients through direct messaging on a private and secure platform.

As we accelerate our digital strategy, we are also taking care to ensure our in-person, Financial Spa experience remains first class. We know that everyday banking is well suited for online transactions; however, intricate and complex financial discussions warrant face-to-face communication with our expert teams in a relaxed setting. As a result, we are in the midst of expanding our Park Royal Financial Spa to increase our branch footprint to allow for more meeting spaces that can accommodate multi family member financial planning discussions, and serve more clients overall. In addition, our Lynn Valley branch is officially set to become a Financial Spa as we build a new location within Lynn Valley Mall in 2022. The space will give our clients easier access and an enhanced experience as we bring our sophisticated Financial Spa elements to this location.

Supporting our clients

As the external environment continued to shift throughout the year, so did our business operations. The health and safety of staff and clients always remains a priority, and efficient and timely communication has been vital. In our Financial Spas, plexi-glass dividers, physical distancing measures, mask policies, increased cleaning and on-site health screening remained commonplace. We are appreciative of our colleagues and our clients for their continued agility and understanding.

As many clients continued to connect with us outside of in-branch transactions, our Solution Centre managed over 66,000 client interactions in 2021, and proudly reduced the average call wait time to under 35 seconds. We’re glad we can support our clients with financial advice when they need it, quickly and effectively.

Listening to clients

Each year we conduct an independent survey of our clients and non-clients who bank at other financial institutions within our trade area to evaluate how we’re doing in helping meet our clients’ financial needs. Clients who work with our Financial Advisors consistently give a high rating to their overall experience, which exceed other financial institutions.

In the most recent survey conducted by Ipsos, more than 9-in-10 clients surveyed who are working with an Advisor gave their experience dealing with BlueShore and with their Financial Advisor top ratings – evidence of our superior service.

In addition, BlueShore continues to significantly outperform other financial institutions in areas such as working with clients’ best interests in mind, valuing clients’ business, and offering good value for products and services.

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The BlueShore difference between other financial institutions

*Ipsos, 2021. Per cent of top 3 box ratings (8, 9 & 10) on a scale of 0 to 10 from clients working with a Financial Advisor at their primary financial institution.