“My experience working with a wide range of businesses in addition to running my own, allows me to provide insights and expertise to my clients. I take great pleasure in helping them plan their financial goals and watching their business grow.”


Robert works out of our Edgemont Village, Lynn Valley and Lonsdale branches and has over a decade of banking experience working with a wide range of businesses, including medical/dental, construction, consulting, MUR financing, commercial real estate, as well as professional and retail.

“Every client is unique and change is constant. It’s important to ask open-ended questions to understand the complexities and specific challenges for each client. My relationship with my business clients is paramount – I won’t hesitate to go the extra mile.”

Robert’s combination of in-depth experience and commitment positions him to provide significant value; he is driven to understand and solve each client’s unique business challenges.

As a business advisor, Robert is able to draw upon a strong team of specialists to take care of such matters as succession planning, key person insurance**, leasing, acquisitions, property development and more.

BlueShore Financial, Business Advisor, Robert Madzej

Robert Madzej

Business Advisor

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