"Those of us who work in financial services, surrounded as we are by many people, should never forget those without family. An elderly lady, with no relatives in Canada, was struggling to keep her home. We helped her to access some of the equity in her home and create an income stream that has greatly improved her quality of life. And I made a friend for life."


Kelly specializes in developing the investment component of clients' overall financial plans. Whether it's helping clients during the accumulation, preservation or distribution phase, Kelly remains focused on making every effort to tailor his advice to help improve clients' overall financial situation. "The favorite and most rewarding part of my job is seeing a well-formulated financial plan come together for the overall benefit of our clients."

Passionate and personable, Kelly's aim is to provide consistent, accurate advice in all market environments and to proactively follow-up on client inquiries and requests in a reliable manner. Have a conversation with Kelly today and take a step closer to reaching your financial goals.

As an Investment Advisor, Kelly can provide a combination of personalized advice and access to a full suite of investment products through Aviso Wealth, including mutual funds, stocks, bonds, exchange-traded funds  (ETFs) and more. 


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Kelly Gares

Investment Advisor

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