General Information

To sign up for a Digital Vault of your own, talk to your Financial Advisor, call our Solution Centre at 604.982.8000 (toll-free 1.888.713.6728) or visit your closest branch.

With the Essential Vault all files and folders will be accessible by BlueShore staff although this is limited to your Advisory Team only. The Premium Vault offers you access to a private section that is only available to you. The Essential Vault offers 1GB of space whereas the Premium Vault provides 25GB of digital storage space.

Yes, there is a mobile app available for Digital Vault users for both iOS (iPhone and Apple products) and Android devices. The app enables users to upload files directly into their Digital Vault using a smartphone or mobile device, providing even more convenience.

Please visit the FutureVault Mobile Apps FAQ page for more information or search and download 'BlueShore Financial Vault' from your device’s app store.

Yes, a business client can open a Digital Vault, but the vault must be assigned to an individual, not the business. One signer on the account can open the vault and then assign additional Contacts with permissions for that vault. Manager permissions will give that person the same rights in the vault as the vault owner.

Please review FutureVault’s User Types article for more information.

Digital Vault Security & Access

You can set up two-factor authentication and change your passwords inside the Digital Vault platform under Settings. Please review FutureVault’s Account Security article for more information.

Working together with BlueShore, FutureVault employs industry best practices and bank-grade security and privacy protocols to guarantee top-tier protection for your information and documents so that you can have peace of mind knowing you’re in good hands. Specifically, FutureVault has implemented the Center for Internet Security (CIS) standard in addition to AES 256-bit encryption. Furthermore, FutureVault has achieved PCI DSS and SOC 2 Type II compliance milestones. Learn more about our platform security by visiting FutureVault’s Security Overview page.

As a rule, only BlueShore staff in direct contact with you, such as your Advisory Team, will be assigned access to your vault. You can invite others outside of BlueShore to have access to your vault by creating a Contact.

You can add your POA to your Digital Vault as a Contact to grant them access.

Document & File Management

A good example might be a mortgage application or a Financial Plan. Your Advisor will require access to some of your confidential documents in order to support an application. You can drop them in the vault and your Advisor can securely access them there, rather than emailing back and forth, which is not always advisable. Once the application is completed, digital copies of signed or finalized documents can also be dropped into the vault by the Advisor for your future reference.

Some file types may not be supported. Please refer to FutureVault’s documentation to see a full list or FutureVault’s Terms of Service for an outline of the rules for uploading documents and other content.

Our processes around document verification remain unchanged. If a hard copy of the certified document is required, you will need to come into the branch to provide the certified document in person.

You can upload it to your vault for record keeping purposes but it will not replace the legal version.

Closing Out Your Vault

To let us know you would like to cancel your Digital Vault, please send an email to your Financial Advisor or contact our Solution Centre.

Clients can delete all of their documents prior to requesting de-activation of the Digital Vault. If you do not delete your documents, they will remain in the Digital Vault but will not be accessible once the vault is de-activated.

No, the BlueShore Digital Vault is unique to BlueShore and cannot be transferred to another financial institution. 

The Digital Vault will become de-activated and will be treated as any other Estate asset.

Need more help? Ask us

If you would like access to your own Digital Vault or need further help managing your vault, please call us at 604.982.8000 (toll-free 1.888.713.6728) or visit a local branch.