Log in to BlueShore Financial online banking; from the left-hand menu select Transfers > International Transfers.

BlueShore clients can transfer up to $25,000 Canadian dollars in a single transaction. Most currencies have a minimum transfer limit of $10 CAD equivalent.   

This depends on your profile details. You set your transaction frequency when you create your profile with Agility Forex. If you exceed that frequency, a trade may be held by Agility Forex for further review and confirmation with you. In general, you can make one international transfer per day. 

Transfer of $500 CAD* or more in major international currencies, will not incur a fee.** Transfers under $500 CAD* will incur a fee of $2.50 CAD*. Some currencies may incur additional fees that will be quoted prior to accepting the transfer.

  • *Or approximate foreign equivalent dependent on exchange rate at time of transfer. 
  • **A monthly transaction fee may apply based on the type of account you are transferring money from and the number of free transactions allowed per month.

Yes. International transfers are protected with AES 256-bit encryption, through a FINTRAC regulated entity.  This includes automated identity verification, anti-money laundering procedures, automated online checks, advanced anti-fraud safeguards and insurance coverage. 

Unfortunately, the international transfer service provided by Agility Forex Ltd. is not currently available for BlueShore’s business clients. You will need to visit your nearest branch to send a wire transfer from your business account. 

There are more then 25 currencies available including: US Dollar, Euro, Great British Pound, Australian Dollar, Swiss Franc, Indian Rupee, Japanese Yen, Mexican Peso, Norwegian Krone, New Zealand Dollar, Philippine Peso, Polish Zloty, Swedish Krona, Singapore Dollar, South African Rand, Thai Baht, Korean Won, UAE Dirham, Bahraini Dinar, Indonesian Rupiah, Malaysian Ringgit, Argentinian Peso, Romanian Leu, Czech Koruna, Hong Kong Dollar, Danish Krone, and Hungarian Forint.

If you need to send funds in a currency not listed above, please visit your nearest branch.

At this time, only transfers from Canadian dollar accounts are supported. Please visit your nearest branch to send a wire transfer from your US dollar account. 

Sender questions

To make changes to personal details in the system, please contact the International Transfers support team at or 604-256-6200.

Changes to personal information can only be executed by the International Transfers support team. For security reasons, a series of questions will be asked to identify the sender to allow information to be changed or edited. Please contact the International Transfers support team at or 604-256-6200.

Senders that do not have valid government photo ID can contact International Transfers at or 604-256-6200 or use live chat on their system to discuss what other forms of ID may be acceptable.

If the sender resides in a rural area, a Rural Route or land/lot description will suffice to meet the physical address recordkeeping requirements. However, for the purpose of ID verification, which is part of a two step (dual) identity verification, a government issued ID driver’s license needs to be submitted to confirm RR or PO Box. Unless ID verification and recordkeeping requirements are met, the sender will not be authorized to trade.

As soon as a sender passes address verification and sends in identification, they can begin transferring immediately.

No trades will be processed until the sender has submitted their ID. A sender can transact without ID verification, but the payment will not be dispatched. If no ID is uploaded, the transaction will be rejected and the funds returned. There may be costs to the user to unwind the transaction. If International Transfers cannot reach the sender directly, funds will be returned at a charge to the sender of $20.

In the event the sender fails the address authentication, they will be ready to trade subject to a manual check within approximately 10 minutes.

No. All transfers must be withdrawn from a Canadian dollar account.

Yes. Senders will be able to exchange and transfer Canadian dollars to US dollars using the International Transfers product. This transfer will take one to two business days to complete and if the amount is under $500 it will be subject to a $2.50 fee charged by International Transfers.

No. A sender is notified by e-mail when the transaction has been dispatched to the recipient. The sender would have to confirm receipt of the funds with the recipient. Funds take approximately one to two business day, but can take longer under some circumstances.

Recipient questions

International Transfers has a responsibility to gather the physical address. If a PO Box is provided for a recipient, International Transfers will reach out to the sender to get the physical address.

Yes. A business can be a recipient.

A video within the International Transfer application helps explain how to set up a recipient account and execute a transaction. Recipient templates are customized for destination countries where there is a defined number of characters for code, transit and institution number. However, since the number of digits for account numbers may vary from bank to bank, the fields for those are not fixed. Once a recipient account is added, the International Transfers team will review and flag issues to the customer prior to payment processing.

There are validation controls in place for recipient information based on the jurisdiction which will not allow incorrectly formatted financial information (IBAN, Sort Code etc.). If International Transfers detects a potential issue the payment will automatically be paused, and International Transfers will reach out directly to the user. However, International Transfers is not responsible for incorrect recipient information. 

Occasionally transactions do get returned by a recipient’s financial institution due to errors such as an account number and name mismatch or an incorrect account or name. International Transfers will reach out to the sender to correct the information and retry. If the funds must be returned to the sender, there are two options:

  1. International Transfers can return the funds through digital banking which will incur a charge of $20.
  2. International Transfers can return funds directly to the remitter. Although International Transfers does not charge for this, there may be other fees deducted such as changes in exchange rate.

Every time a new recipient is added, the sender receives an email to say a new recipient has been added. If they have not added a recipient, they should contact International Transfers at or 604-256-6200.

Risk management

International Transfers has extensive due diligence processes and monitoring in place. International Transfers is regulated by FINTRAC.

Other questions

Currently BlueShore only offers the feature on our Online Banking web site and not as a mobile app.

In the event a sender attempts to trade an amount that exceeds their set limit, a warning notification will be sent. They can override that limit and book a larger trade. However, the transaction will not be settled until a call is made to the sender to perform an identity verification and inquire about the specifics of the trade and trader. The trade would be delayed while Agility reached out to the customer directly to understand the reason for payment and source of funds.

If a sender wants to make a large trade, they can contact the International Transfers support team at or 604-256-6200 or use live chat on their system. They will have to answer security questions to verify their identity and provide the reason for the transaction as well as the source of funds. In the event it was a significant transaction like a house purchase or an asset purchase, an invoice or proof of purchase may be required. A decision would be made at that time whether this was a standalone transaction and the sender’s original limits would be left in place, or if a permanent change of the sender’s limit is required.

In the event a user notices a suspicious transaction, a sender receives an alert that a new recipient was added without their permission, or in case of any other issues with a transaction, they should reach out to International Transfers at or call 604-256-6200, or e-mail Any suspicious payment not already sent will be delayed and the account will be suspended until an investigation takes place to confirm that the customer’s account is not compromised.

No. Please note that International Transfers only settles transactions from Monday to Friday. No outbound payments are made by International Transfers until at least 9:30 to 10:00 a.m. PT on the trade date plus one day.

A sender can only initiate a cancellation on the same day as the transaction was booked by calling International Transfers. Their funds would be returned to them by one of two methods:

  1. International Transfers can return the funds through online banking which will incur a charge or $20, or
  2. International Transfers can return funds directly to the remitter. Although International Transfers does not charge for this, there may be other fees deducted such as if exchange rates have changed.

Talk to us

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