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Socially Responsible Investing

Invest in what you know is right.

Business activity produces a wide range of economic, social and environmental impacts. Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) focuses on making companies better corporate citizens, using the financial incentive of directed investments.

SRI is about making money while making a difference. Many investors are looking for companies which not only generate shareholder returns, but prosper by adopting progressive corporate governance practices, treating employees well, maintaining good community relations, cleaning up the environment and becoming more accountable to society.

When it launched in 1986, Ethical Growth Funds* were the first and only socially responsible investment funds in Canada. Today, through NEI Investments, they offer a comprehensive line-up of funds to meet a broad range of investment needs, managed by the largest in-house team of SRI specialists of any mutual fund in Canada.

Four steps to deliver sustainable value.

Most investment funds assign value to a company solely through financial analysis. Ethical Funds looks to provide investors with a complete picture of the possible risks and potential for profit associated with every aspect of an investment, ensuring sustainable value. Using a disciplined Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Program, they assess potential companies using a four-step process.

  1. Evaluation. Companies involved primarily in tobacco, weapons or nuclear power are not considered for evaluation. If a company fails to meet minimum environmental, social and governance standards, it is excluded.
  2. Engagement. Engaged companies are encouraged to improve their environmental, social and governance performance. As active shareholders, Ethical Funds can communicate concerns directly to company management and directors.
  3. Research. Ongoing research into emerging trends, issues and risks informs the evaluation process and flags factors that may present significant advantages or disadvantages.
  4. Public policy and standards. By engaging with the organizations and people who create the policies and set the standards by which all companies must operate, Ethical Funds promote change on a broader scale and encourage improved sustainability industry-wide.

To find out more about socially responsible investing, talk to your financial advisor.

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